Accounting and Real Estate Management


Flat lay of real estate concept

Accounting and Real Estate Management

Al Aqari gives the user a dynamic work approach by providing excellent tech that applies to administrative and financial work. Unlike other programs that can only serve one function. These powerful procedures guarantee a smoother application for all kinds of businesses.


Al Aqaree Key Features

The ability to administer and monitor the course and results of lawsuits in detail, with the help of three steps: an integrated search system, an archiving system for lawsuits files, and easy lawyer’s fees management.

Provides maximum efficiency for all the accounting work using the following means:
The ability to adjust and regulate all the accounting work accurately, available support for all kinds of currencies, and lastly an integrated system to manage labels.

The perfect solution to administrate real estate and all the work that pertains to these details: Producing detailed financial statements, accurate adjustment and regulating of financial accounts, available support for all kinds of currencies.

Conducting plans and organizing the owners association work to achieve the highest level of coordination, practicing these steps: Organize to assure the good use of the real estate, organize the responsibilities of each member, and finally monitor the incomes and expenses.

Providing a complete system that deals with bills issuing with its various types like providing an infinite amount of warehouses, various bills templates, and an archiving system for files and images.

An advanced system that helps the user issue, schedule, and monitor maintenance orders using the following features: scheduling maintenance orders, administering and monitoring frequent orders, in addition to real-time tracking for all maintenance orders.

Providing a system to manage fixed assets in their effective lifetime and calculate their depreciation using advantages like dynamic fixed assets tracking dynamic assets depreciation, and accurate calculating of investments.



These fundamentals were built to make any of the desired actions easy to execute.

Integrated Systems

Integrated systems were programmed to meet all users’ requirements.

Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports, the ability to produce the required reports almost instantly with one click

Easy to Use Interface

Easy to use interface, it is a user-friendly interface to provide the best communication experience.

Compatible with Windows

Compatible with windows, developed to be 100% compatible with all windows versions.


Multilingual, the program is available in two languages: Arabic and English.


Completely secure and integrated with the most advanced security and backup solutions.

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